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Why is more direct patient care the future for pharmacies? Why expand beyond product-based care? Here are three key reasons why you should offer clinical services-- and how Physician 360 can help. 

Serious migraines and headaches are an issue that many of us deal with on daily basis. By partnering with Physician 360 customers can get a prescription for their headache and migraine conditions if needed without having to leave your pharmacy.

Marley Drug details how switching statins may relieve muscle pains caused by statins in their second guest blog! Using statins can cause a variety of side effects but switching statins may actually help!

While CPAs are not a prerequisite for collaborative care delivery, they can improve the effectiveness of care and make business sense for the pharmacist. When considering all the pros and cons, should you get a CPA? Here are four things to consider when making the decision.

In the face of retail pharmacies being so widespread, many independent pharmacies might be afraid of losing revenue. However, there are many independent pharmacies that have leveraged certain strategies and are experiencing impressive growth and low stress. So, how can your independent pharmacy compete and continue to stay on top? 

Independent pharmacies are instrumental to their communities. However, there are many uncontrollable economic pressures that make it difficult for them to be profitable. Below we share four approaches for profitability that we have learned from our pharmacy partners like NCPA: 1. Control Overhead with Affordable Employee Benefits  To be more profitable, you can generate more revenue, or you can incur less expense. One strategy used by our pharmacy partners is to reduce overhead. To do this successfully, you need to know what the most expensive line items are in your budget. One category often overlooked is employee benefits. Consider reevaluating…

Marley Drug details the aspects and availability of statins in our first guest blog! Statins remain the first line of defense for managing cholesterol. They are generally well-tolerated and have a favorable safety profile.

Authority Magazine recently featured Physician 360 in a telehealth article, detailing the best practices for telehealth, and the best ways to take care of your patients when they’re not in front of you. The article was able to pull from Physician 360 CEO and Co-Founder Angela Fusaro’s backstory, experience, and views on the benefits of telehealth. In the article, Fusaro describes “good patient care” as being able to help patients navigate medical appointments. 

Hypepotamus recently featured WeWork Labs member Physician 360 in their article about the future of office space in Atlanta going forward. The article covers returning to work decisions, how much office space is needed and how Physician 360 has helped keep many of their locations safe during COVID.