Birth Control

Birth Control

How Effective Are Different Types of Birth Control?

Birth control refers to any method of pregnancy prevention. There are numerous different types of birth control and the effectiveness of each birth control type varies across different types and between individuals. Due to the expansive list of options available to the public, it is beneficial to differentiate between types…
February 17, 2020
Birth Control

Debunking 5 Common Birth Control Myths

The first birth control pill came to the market in the US in 1960. Despite this, facts about “the pill” are still relatively unknown. That explains the many misconceptions surrounding it! With 11 million American women relying on the birth control pill today, it is vital we understand it. Today…
January 28, 2020
Birth Control

What are the Benefits of Birth Control?

Many people do not fully understand birth control and its benefits outside of contraception. Even if you don’t need it for family planning purposes, there are a handful of other reasons you may benefit from birth control! We’d like to share a few of the many benefits of “the pill.”…
January 15, 2020