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How P360 Telemedicine Works

Telehealth Meets Rapid Testing

P360 is a virtual clinic! A virtual health clinic refers to the use of technology to provide healthcare for a patient who is oftentimes outside of a traditional healthcare setting.

Virtual health clinics have many benefits. You can access them from anywhere, they’re more affordable than a doctor’s visit or the ER, and you get to avoid exposure to other sick patients. Telemedicine alone, however, has its limits. What about conditions like the flu or strep, where a test can improve the accuracy of an online diagnosis or treatment plan?

Welcome to Physician 360. We take telemedicine a step further with rapid testing. Here’s how it works: Once you create an account with us and describe your symptoms, if needed, you can take a rapid test at one of our pharmacy partners for instant, accurate results. From there, simply meet with one of our board-certified medical professionals and get the treatment you need, sent to a pharmacy of your choice.

Convenient, affordable, and accurate care. This is Physician 360. 

Buy Local

A Partnership with Community Pharmacies to Offer You Diagnostic Tests and Telemedicine Services

Did you know that over 90% of Americans live within 5 miles of a community pharmacy? Local pharmacists are a vital part of community health. That’s why we partner with over 1,000 independent pharmacies across the country to connect you with high-quality care and rapid testing.

Fun Fact: You can give back to your community today just by purchasing from your local pharmacy! Once you meet with a medical professional in one of our online consultations, simply send the prescription to your pharmacy of choice. Support a small business and get the treatment you need, all at once, with Physician 360.

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