Please view our instructional video and read more below.

Test yourself for the flu in 2 simple steps!

Step 1: Follow the instructions included with your telemedicine consultation. Read instructions here.

Step 2: Request your virtual physician consultation to determine your next steps.

Requirements for Use:

1. Persons with sore throat
2. For ages 5 and older
3. Test should be administered by an adult for children ages 5-18 years old

DO NOT USE if experiencing abnormal sounds when breathing, difficulty breathing, drooling, muffled or hoarse voice. SEEK IMMEDIATE MEDICAL ATTENTION.

DO NOT USE on uncooperative children. If child is resistant to swab, chokes or appears uncomfortable at any point, do NOT proceed with the test. Testing performed on uncooperative patients can result in worse symptoms, choking, and death. However, momentary gagging after the procedure is normal.

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How to Prevent the Flu When Traveling this Holiday Season

We all know the winter season is the peak time for many illnesses. Flu season peaks around late November but can last as late as April or May. Many people travel to be with family and friends during the holiday season, which increases the flu’s ability to spread. The CDC…
December 23, 2019

Can The Flu Turn Into Strep?

The flu does not turn into strep throat. However, it is possible to get strep throat after being sick with the flu. You can also contract the flu after being sick with strep throat. Despite this, the flu does not “turn into” strep throat, and strep throat does not turn…
September 13, 2019

How The Flu Spreads

The influenza, otherwise known as the flu, is an extremely common illness worldwide. But how does the flu spread? The flu can be spread from one person to another, from up to six feet away, through tiny droplets that travel through the air when one coughs, sneezes, or talks.
September 13, 2019

How Flu Shots Work

Flu shots work by taking advantage of the body's natural defense system: the immune system. When the vaccine enters the bloodstream, it releases viruses into the blood…If the flu later appears (in an active form), the immune system will recognize it from the vaccine and be able to provide antibody…
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