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Anatomy of a Physician 360 Visit

How does your retail customer experience Physician 360 telemedicine services? Let’s walk through the process. On our website, your independent pharmacy can purchase kits for a number of point-of-care tests. These tests allow your pharmacy to offer telemedicine services to compete with large chain pharmacies, urgent care facilities, and ‘minute…
August 11, 2020
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Angela Fusaro is quoted in recent article from Independent on how telemedicine could transform healthcare

A recent article from Independent, The doctor will skype you now: How telemedicine could transform the healthcare sector, explored the transformative effects that COVID will likely have on healthcare, including the integration of telemedicine into routine medicine. The article lists the many benefits of telemedicine, such as faster diagnoses and…
July 31, 2020
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Two Emergency Room Doctors Are in Critical Condition With Coronavirus

Physician 360 CEO Angela Fusaro was recently featured in a New York Times article covering the spread of the new novel coronavirus (COVID-19) and the risk to healthcare practitioners. Physician 360 is working to reduce the impact of COVID-19 screenings on the US healthcare/ system by offering online, remote…
March 17, 2020