Birth Control and Erectile Dysfunction telemedicine services for pharmacies!

Discreet, video-telemedicine consultations allow your pharmacy to compete with minute-clinics.

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Physician 360 is now offering telemedicine consultations for birth control and erectile dysfunction!

  • Both programs give patients the option of a one-time use or annual subscription.
  • If prescribed medication, your customer’s prescription will be sent directly to your pharmacy.
  • Physician 360 uses its own network of state-specific licensed providers which allows pharmacies to offer patients access to treatment for birth control and erectile dysfunction without having to establish a collaborative practice agreement.

Empowering Pharmacies

  • Physician 360 empowers independent pharmacies by providing the tools to compete with large chains that have on-site clinics.
  • Attract new patients and make them regular customers!
  • With telemedicine consultation services for birth control and erectile dysfunction, pharmacies can play an expanded role in patient care and have another touchpoint with patients as an urgent care alternative.

Empowering Patients

  • Physician 360 provides patients with an on-demand telemedicine consultation with a board-certified physician, as well as prescriptions when indicated as part of the treatment plan.
  • We provide both the online consultation and the follow-up prescription services needed so that patients can avoid unnecessary in-person visits to the doctor and costly co-pays.
  • Our telemedicine consultations are great for patients with high co-pays or are uninsured, have high­-deductible plans or simply do not want to waste time at a specialist or urgent-care center.

The measurable, lasting benefit of carrying Physician 360 products

New sources of revenue

Customers can receive a consultation right in your store! Our brand promise is purchase to prescription in 30 minutes!

New patients

Pharmacies that sell our services report that a majority of customers that use Physician 360 telemedicine services are new patients. A good number of these new patients transfer regular medications over to the pharmacy with telemedicine!

Free co-marketing

All pharmacies that carry our telemedicine kits receive some free advertising and marketing as they are listed on our website and frequently featured in our social media posts.

In the words of our customers

Patients were happy once they understood what they were getting and we’re happy filling their prescriptions! The average co-pay is $50 even with insurance for an Urgent Care center. Patients love telemedicine consultations and they allows us to establish a great rapport. 

– Pharmacy Owner, Georgia

How it Works

Countertop Tear-Pads for Telemedicine Consultations

Customers see the tearpad display on your counter and tear one of the sheets from the board.

Easy, Fast, Discreet

Customers follow the instructions on the back of the tear-sheet, receiving an online, video-consultation for Birth Control or Erectile Dysfunction.

New Patients, New Prescriptions

The prescription is then faxed directly to your pharmacy. We often find that patients prefer to change their other regular medication prescriptions to your pharmacy too, increasing the benefit of offering Physician 360 telemedicine services.

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