What is the cost of Physician 360 test kits and how does this compare to alternatives?

Physician 360 test kits cost $49.95 and include an audiovisual physician consultation where the physician is able to send an electronic prescription to the pharmacy immediately.

Physician 360 saves you both time and money compared to alternatives*:

  • Average Minute Clinic visit: ~$135-200 for the visit
  • Average Urgent Care deductible: ~$150 for the visit
  • Average Emergency Room deductible: ~$250 for the visit
  • Average Primary Care (PCP) office visit: ~$35 for the visit

This does not include the opportunity cost of your time! Your time is valuable and should not be spent scheduling an appointment, waiting on hold, waiting to be checked in, waiting for the doctor to arrive and sitting in traffic. You could also infect someone else with your germs or catch a worse sickness while waiting to be seen in a communal waiting room. We are just anti-waiting!

*Prices listed do not include non-medical costs. Non-medical costs are expenses like transportation, childcare, and missed time at work. The average non-medical expense for one case of Strep Throat is $96.