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Why We Exist

Physician 360 started with two board-certified Emergency Medicine physicians on a unique mission: to reimagine urgent care by making it more affordable, convenient, and comparable to a traditional doctor’s visit. They envisioned a world where, similar to the simplicity of the rapid pregnancy test, you could pop into a local pharmacy without an appointment, take a test for a sore throat or the flu, interact with a P360 medical professional on your phone and walk out with a treatment in less than 30 minutes for under $50. They envisioned a world where you didn’t have to put your life on hold to get better.

Our vision is to build the largest network of affordable care clinics in the country so every patient can access affordable, high-quality healthcare.

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What We Do

Physician 360 is a telemedicine and rapid testing company dedicated to providing quality, affordable health care for all. Within thirty minutes, our patients can purchase a consultation with a medical professional, meet with their provider, and receive the treatment that’s best for them. We also make it possible for them to get tested for strep, flu, UTI, COVID, and ear infection with instant results at a local pharmacy. Essentially, we help patients with conditions they would otherwise have to go to urgent care, a doctor’s office, or even the ER for, at lower rates and with faster response time.

Convenient, quality care at affordable prices. This is Physician 360.

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Who We Serve

We serve ‘everyday people’! Single parents, college students, essential workers, professionals. We each have our own hardships and responsibilities, and an unexpected illness, no matter how common, can really disrupt the delicate balance in our daily routines: whether that’s our jobs, our relationships, and/or our mental wellbeing.

At Physician 360, our goal is to keep you healthy and on the move, so you can live your life the way you want to, without being held back by something as simple as a sore throat.

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I purchased the Rapid UTI test. It was quick, easy, and convenient. The steps are easy to follow and understand. Easy online application, downloading, and registration. I submitted my test results via attached photo and was on a conference face-to-face call within minutes with a doctor. Dr. Lapporte was very professional. Verified personal information, went over test results, as well as asked if I was having any additional symptoms. In my case, my results were positive and I had an e-script sent within minutes to treat my infection. Total time was around 15 minutes, start to finish. You can’t beat the price or service! My experience gets a five-star rating and if needed I will definitely purchase again.

Pharmacy Employee

Totally great! Saved me the huge weekend pediatric urgent care copay. With four kids, we get strep a lot.

Katherine E.

I am a working parent of 4 kids. Do you know how many times I’ve gotten home to hear one of my kids complaining of a severe sore throat? This really eases my mind and I feel good knowing I am ready in case strep decides to pay us an unexpected visit. Thank you, Physician 360!

Karin S.

There are so many things I love about this. The products are so affordable and gives me invaluable peace of mind – from the convenience of knowing I won’t have to take a sick kid to the doctor’s office and risk exposing them to other illnesses to knowing my family and I can still get care when we are traveling without access to our family doctor.

Kathy F.

I am a new user and fan of the Physician 360. My son, Caleb, was diagnosed last Friday by Dr. Lapporte and because of the quick detection, he was able to receive treatment and return to school the following Monday. Thank you – this really has changed my life.

Lauren P.

As a teacher I am around kids all day and when they start to get sick I have to be extra careful to make sure I am staying as healthy as possible. Having easy access to a physician gives me peace of mind.

Natalie R.

What Our Patients Say About Our Services

I was very nervous to get an appointment started, but the provider made me feel heard and provided great feedback. Will continue to recommend this service!

Erica Missouri

Great service, great products, no hidden anything, etc. The list goes on and on. You guys are amazing!

Dustin Kentucky

Everything was very quick and professional, I would definitely recommend!

Freya Minnesota

First time in my life I don’t feel punished for being an asthmatic and paying exorbitant amounts for an inhaler prescription!

Christian Oregon

My provider was friendly, upbeat, and willing to answer as many questions as I had. This is a great, much needed service and I would use it again.

Katherine Florida

Physician 360 made a potential sensitive conversation very easy and professional. Thanks

Dion Massachusetts

This was quick and easy and no problem at all. I will use them again.

Keandra California

This is the only way to do prescription refills!

Stephen Arizona

I’ve had to use physician 360 a couple of times this past month and had such a wonderful experience both times. The website was very user-friendly and Dr. Ellis was very knowledgeable, kind, and quick to get my prescription to my pharmacy.

Michelle Connecticut

Excellent experience, A to Z. Will likely use again, and would definitely recommend. A++++

Joseph Kentucky

This was quick, easy, and I was able to do it from my home! Definitely will recommend it!

Kelsey Missouri

Quick , courteous, and covered everything in a professional manner so I wasn’t embarrassed or uncomfortable!

Cameron Washington