A Convenient Way to Receive Birth Control

Skip the trip to the doctor’s office with a telemedicine consultation for birth control. Speak directly with a board-certified physician via your smartphone, then get prescriptions sent to your pharmacy or directly to your door!

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Once you purchase your telemedicine consultation in the pharmacy, follow the instructions on the package.



Initiate your telemedicine consultation with a board-certified physician over the phone.



Following the consultation, you can fill your prescription right there at the pharmacy while you’re there.


Follow Up

If you purchased an annual prescription for a monthly payment of $10, a follow up may be required.

What are my Birth Control options?

Birth control, or “contraception”, helps prevent pregnancy. There are a number of different methods of birth control methods to choose from – including pills, patches, shots, vaginal rings, emergency contraceptive pills, and more. Whichever method of birth control you choose should depend on several factors like your health, frequency of sexual activity, number of sexual partners and desire to have children in the future.

Birth control is very commonly used with 62% of women of reproductive age currently using contraception.

When you choose a telemedicine consultation, one of our board-certified physicians will help you select the best form of birth control for you.

Our Product and Subscription

Our telemedicine consultation for birth control is easy to use and convenient, allowing you to speak directly with a board-certified physician via your smartphone right in the pharmacy and pick up your prescription all in one trip.

The price of your kit includes an on-demand doctor consult and a treatment plan. The cost of medication at your pharmacy is not included with the consultation.

One-Time Payment

This one-time payment of $25 includes the telemedicine consult and a 2-month prescription for medication that can be filled at your local pharmacy.

Annual Subscription

For a monthly payment of $10, this subscription includes the telemedicine consult, a 3-month prescription for medication and 3 refills that can be filled at your local pharmacy.

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One-Time Consult

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